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We build solutions for Enterprises and Startups. We partner with enterprises, startup accelerators, and focus on enterprise software development and startup development. 

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technology partnership with Rank Technologies goes beyond your immediate project needs. For enterprise organizations, startups & accelerators, we design and develop solutions that automate business processes. with highly qualified specialists. We provide dedicated teams with the skills needed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies. From pre-MVP to idea validation, we help startups develop their ideas into products and turn those products into viable businesses.








Why Choose Us?

Our passion for thought-provoking and stimulating innovation with our partnership helps you build beautiful intuitive mobile and web software products for your businesses, consumers, and industries. We help you get going with your ideas into the market with digital products by making you understand how to build a product and how to establish them in the market.

Strategy & Planning

We recommend features and business strategies for your product in turn helps you achieve business goals. We build product strategy document and delivery plan to experience and explore your product's core value proposition. After spending a few days deep-diving into the core problems of your product.

Prototyping & Agile Development processes

Let your customers experience your product early by quickly developing product features. Continuous communication with our design and development team allows you to quickly iterate on product features until your customers love the product we deliver.

Key Success Factors

8+ Years of Operations, 50+ Awesome Team Members, 500+ Projects Delivered, 10+ Resource-Based Projects, 4 Continents Services Delivered, 100k+ Developer Hours Delivered8-12 Months of Average Hiring Duration, 5+ Technologies team members familiar with High-Quality Code Consistent Delivery Excellent Scalability

Best technologies and talents

We use modern technologies for web and mobile app development Ruby on Rails is our core expertise. But we mix different technologies to develop reliable and robust frontend, backend, and infrastructure. We train our employees to easily adapt to our workflow and grow professionally.

I have worked with Rank Technologies for more than 5 years now. They are ABI’s trusted outsourcing partners especially for skills those are hard to get. Their delivery processes are quite stringent and they hAve the best of resources for each skillset which just makes things so much more easier and keeps us going back to them for any kind of project work. I would recommend them to any organisation who is looking for responsiveness and commitment for their outsourced work.

Ajit Veerappan MD & Founder ABI HEALTH
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Most Promising Technology Service Partners - Rank Technology has been most promising Fedena customization service partner.

Team Foradian Product Owners of Fedena
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What we love about Rank is their enviable workforce who is very passionate about partners success, showcasing the true meaning of a great synergy. The team has quickly provide fantastic solutions in enterprise project management

Kiren CEO Itech Labs Australia
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Trusted by Technology Partners in many fields

Over the years, we've been accumulating our expertise in building software for different segments. Below are industries where we have particularly strong knowledge.


Opensource ERP Customisation Advancing Customer Experience with Opensource fedena Customisation via plugin architecture - Casestudy


A platform for Healthcare app Integration Jio Healthub improve the quality of health plans and care for Patients. A tool to maximizing the Health performance

Project Management

Enterprise Project management with Redmine Customizations. Changing the Game in Enterprise Project Management with Redmine Customizations

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