Ruby on Rails Plugin Development: Custom, Streamlined.

The powerful programming framework, Ruby on Rails, is a foundation on which your enterprise needs can be built from the ground up. Ruby on Rails supports Plugin Architecture where your requirements or change requests are carried out by developing specific plugins. Later, your requirements or change requests are connected to the Main Application via tweaks in the plugins. This plugin development (or customization) will never make any changes in your source code. Mentioned below are some of the use cases of the Ruby on Rails Plugin Architecture:

  • Share bleeding-edge ideas without hurting the stable code base.
  • Work on a segmented architecture so that units of code can be fixed or updated on their own release schedule.
  • An outlet for the core developers so they don't have to sweat on implementing every new feature under the sun.
  • The Choice to Enable or Disable specific plugins.

Ruby on Rails Plugin Architecture - Override your controllers and models without changing your core code.

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Ruby on Rails Open Source ERP Customization

Different enterprises have different core architectures in place. With our team that is ready to adapt to what you require, we are always a step ahead to gauge the changes you need as we move forward. Below are some of our popular blogs on Ruby on Rails Open Source ERP Customization:

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Ruby on Rails Open Source ERP Installation

Rank helps clients in setting up and Installing Ruby on Rails Open Source ERP's on Client Servers, Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) or Heroku Cloud Servers. Even after we are done developing your Rails installation, we can help you get the most out of it with our Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC). Below are some of the Ruby on Rails implementations that Rank provides services for:

  • Setup & Implementation
  • Core Code Maintance & Updation
  • Server Configuration and Maintance
  • Online Product Training & Support

Do You have a pertinent requirement for Rails plugin development? Get in touch with us and one of our techies shall help you figure out exactly how to proceed with it.