Fedena Customization

Fedena is built on the foundation of the powerful programming framework, Ruby on Rails. Fedena supports Plugin Architecture wherein the customer requirements or change requests are carried out within the plugin, and later, the client requirements or change requests are connected to Fedena via the same. This plugin development or customization never requires any source code changes.

  • Plugin-Friendly
  • Customization ready
  • No Source Code Changes

Most Promising Technology Service Partners - Rank Technology has been one of the most promising Fedena customization service partner.

Team Foradian

Fedena Integration

Fedena can be integrated with many hardware devices and Fedena associated services, Rank help clients to integrate Fedena with this services using Fedena API architecture.

Fedena Support

Rank Support covers products and plugins built via Fedena and to the services developed by Rank with Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). Rank support services are mentioned below:

  • Fedena Setup & Implementation
  • Fedena Core Code Maintenance & Update
  • Server Configuration & Maintenance
  • Online Product Training & Support

Fedena Installation

The team at Rank can help clients in setting up and Installing Fedena on Client Servers, Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) or Fedena in-house Servers.