Ruby on Rails Development Services

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Business / Custom Application Development

Ruby on rails might just be the most suitable platform for your business application environment. At Rank, we build custom web applications based on the Ruby on Rails framework. These apps are interactive, robust, and scalable. With expertise in working on custom products, we redefine your requirements and work to make the final product more usable, intuitive, and scalable which further helps you in cutting short the implementation period and start generating quick profits and great ROI. We follow Agile Development methodology using SCRUM and DSSM. This reduces the time to market for custom applications generating feedbacks for improvement along the way, while the product is being developed. In the end what you get is a polished product that’s easily executed internally and is ready for the masses.

Our Clients (You!), are the most important stakeholders of our development process. Applications we build are:

  • Interactive
  • Responsive
  • Robust and Scalable

We know you love it - showing off how your customers love you and your company. Therefore there should be a place for it - which is here.

Team Rank

Workflow Application Development

Workflow application involves developing a software application which automates your business or processes. Automation helps business to cut down the costs involved in human resource management and also save your valuable time. Do you think a workflow application or an Automated Software application is essential in your business? Share your queries with us, and we'll come up with a software solution that is most suitable for your use-case while focussing on:

  • Business Automation
  • Workflow Management Application

Product Development Services

We have solid experience in working with startups and are excited when our clients allow us to participate in requirements analysis phase for new product development. You might require products in multiple domains like social networking, data center automation, banking and finance, dating, e-commerce, CMS-based, real estate, healthcare, vendor management networks, auctions, you name it! Our adaptable team structure makes it easy to develop flexible solutions based on the ruby-on- rails framework for all the above needs. Our product development services cover all aspects of product — from assessment to analysis, and from discovery to execution.

Rank Technologies specializes in an early validation of your product with minimal investment using methodologies like prototyping, POC and R&D services. We can go ahead and do some market research also to check the acceptance to your new product idea. We tie-up with market research firms. Our use of emerging technologies and agile methodologies not only make the product flexible as per market needs but easily acceptable.

Web Services / API Development

Web services are an essential part of the digital era. We have specific teams for web services and API development services (REST). REST defines a set of architectural principles by which you can design Web services that focus on a system's resources, including how resource states are addressed and transferred over HTTP by a wide range of clients written in different languages. When designing a REST API or service, we follow established best practices for dealing with security (Authentication, Authorization, Identity Management).

SAAS Application Development

Rank helps clients to create saas applications to serve their clients in a better way with low cost. These are the needs of current and future markets as more and more products are jumping to cloud platform every day. With growing cost of infrastructure, there is a vital need for adopting SAAS-based infrastructure efficient application so that we can assure early profits by saving huge infrastructure costs. Few benefits of the SAAS Model:

  • Focus technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure
  • Immediate access to the latest innovations
  • Upgrade and downgrade of tech infra based on your needs
  • Quicker and smarter pushing of upgrades to your app
  • Easier mobility and scalability

Wireframe and POC Services

Sometimes, clients approach us with an idea which requires significant investment and there is a confusion regarding the expectations from their end-users. Rank often suggests the clients to move ahead with proof-of-concept on an efficient budget and timeline. By fast forwarding to the launch within a closed user group, our clients get an idea of what users think and also gather feedback. If things go well, we incorporate the feedback and upgrade the proof of concept from ground up to a full application. This is where our expertise comes handy for wireframing and proof-of- concept:

  • Generate valuable feedback from end users.
  • The concept is tested for implementation beforehand through the POC.
  • Efficient budget and quicker time to market.
  • Complete scope of work along with wireframe architecture.

Product Maintenance / Support

Rank Support team is available 24x7 to help support your product and ensure that it works without a hiccup with real-time fixes as the need arises. Our teams properly plan out the maintenance hours based on the traffic the website experiences. This ensures that there is no outage that can hurt your conversion hours. Rank has been giving support to the existing clients for whom we have built products and custom applications our standardized services have received overwhelming appreciation.

Do you have an application that might evolve with support from an expertise-driven team? Or maybe some consultancy from our design and development team? Just get in touch with us and we can discuss the nitty-gritty of what we shall bring to the table.