Traffic Violatons, Fines TRAFFIC ADMIN AND POLICE

Ashvayana - A Portal for Traffic Violations and Fines

Ashvayana helps Department of Traffic Police to register the vehicles in their judiciary in to application and Manage the Violations and Fines using the Ashvayana Modules, The Violator can pay their fines online or using Kiosk device so the same will be updated in the app.

Ashvayana traffic portal application provides an user-friendly dashboard with login access for users and traffic police. In this application , user is allowed to login to the KIOSK machine to pay the respective fines. A KIOSK is an interactive device where the user is allowed only to execute the restricted tasks same as ATM.The Kiosk machine is also embedded with Magtek card reader, which reads the Electronic cards such as VISA, Master card, Discover etc., and asks the user to enter four digit PIN to pay the respective fines and this portal is included with Paypal Express Gateway, which is an online secure transaction used worldwide especially for payments.

Whenever the person violates the traffic regulation while riding/ driving vehicles for eg., Riding without helmet and so on, the traffic police login to the application and enters the Violated vehicles particulars such as vehicle name, number and violated section according the government allotted, with the respective fines. To find out more, scroll through the following descriptions, try the Free Demo.

Core Modules