Rank Analytical Services

Rank Analytics, a dedicated team within Rank Technologies, is a global business intelligence and insights provider for organizations in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) / Retail and Advertising industry, among other Media sectors.

We implement cross-disciplinary statistical theories using advanced analytics tools for data-driven decision making.

Our offerings span across consumer and marketing analytics, pricing, audience engagement and reporting.

Our team has decades of combined experience in the domains of consulting, business intelligence and analytics.

These guys know the enterprise needs of varied sizes, with previously having worked with industry leaders like Unilever, WNS, Symphony Marketing Solutions, Genpact, and Dell, to name a few. Our delivery team in India consists of individuals who have passion and drive to work with numbers and have previously worked in similar profiles with varying experiences.

Making Data Work for You

The Rank Analytics Team serves various verticals through a blend of tools/techniques/data. We believe that the mix of Data, Analytics and Technology provides robust, actionable insights that are easy to deploy and thus drive real time-business decisions. The business impact must be continuously measured and monitored to ensure that the insights keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment.

Our core capabilities :

  • Data Management & Business Insights
  • Forecasting & Simulation
  • Marketing Insights

Across the industries including-

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail
  • Advertising and Media Agencies

Advanced Analytical techniques, where Excellence is the standard!

  • Marketing / Media Mix
    • Model the Marketing / Media Mix
    • Simulate / Optimise the Marketing / Media Mix
    • Forecast the ROI
    • Identify the Right Budget
    • Improve the Promotional Plan
  • Trade Promotional Modeling-
    • Evaluate the impact of Price & Trade Promotion activities
    • Identify the Optimum temporary price reduction
  • Causal Forecasting-
    • Forecast the future
    • Identify the Optimum temporary price reduction
  • Product Affinity Analysis
    • Market Basket Analysis
  • Times Series Forecasting
    • Forecast the future Sales/Revenue/Unit/Margin
  • Campaign Effectiveness
    • Propensity Models for acquisition / retention
  • Pricing Analytics
    • Identify the Optimum Price Point
    • Optimise the Price dips
  • Segmentation
  • Reporting
    • Tables and Charts

At Rank, our clients’ business values stands at the core of our analytics services.

Are you considering to opt for analytics services? Get in touch, and let one of our analysts help assess your needs and come up with a plan accordingly.