RANK TEAMis committed to pioneering an improved Internet — an Internet that aids your business.

Who we are

The Internet is driving innovations in service delivery mechanisms. In this era, compelling tech-driven solutions can make a significant difference for your business.

At Rank Technologies, we develop Internet properties, Web Portals, Mobile Applications and E-Commerce business and ERP solutions, all customised to exactly our clients’ business needs. We are nimble and our agile team structure helps us manage and execute scalable projects that simply deliver. With a blend of the right People, aligned Processes, and cutting-edge Technologies along with a flexible business model and customer-centric approach, we are disrupting the Internet services landscape with our dynamic methodologies.

Rank Technologies began with merely 5 people on-board — 5 young, enthusiastic individuals driving the company towards a disruption. The core team was built a foundation of dynamism and expertise. It, thus, didn’t take us long to expand our range of services for the design, development, and promotion of web applications for enterprise clients as well as startups.

The Rank Approach: Nimble, Streamlined, Simple

Rank Technologies is a leading IT solutions provider based in Bangalore, India. Recognised amongst the leading Ruby on Rails Development Companies in India, Rank caters to clients of varied sizes representing a variety of industries and operating from countries around the globe. Our passion for thought-provoking and stimulating innovation ensures that your project exudes ‘value’ at all times.

With a creative fusion of ingenuity and experience, we provide a synergy of technology and human support unrivalled by peers.

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Rank Technologies is committed to pioneering an improved Internet — an Internet that aids your business.

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